About Orion


The constellation Orion is known as “the hunter”.  It is easily identified in the night sky by the three stars in its belt.  In our case, the three stars stand for:

1. Technical acumen
2. Business savvy
3. Marketing smarts 

A good hunter always has a game plan and a map to provide guidance in the hunt.  Orion Consulting Group's unique Commercialization Milestones Guide© provides this plan and guidance in the hunt to monetize your intellectual property.

The Orion Consulting Group helps its clients commercialize their intellectual property and get their ideas to market.  We view commercialization as a business process beginning with an idea and ending with a product in the customer’s hands.   We bring to our clients unique capabilities and tools that will help you navigate and complete this journey.

Orion’s unique Commercialization Milestones Guide© clearly identifies the milestones relevant to you, and charts the path to market for your idea.  This proprietary Guide highlights and takes you through the development stages along your journey, the actions required, and the decisions you will make, from refining the original idea and securing a patent, to successful licensing of the technology, or the creation of a business. All of these efforts are focused on getting the product to market and into customers’ hands.  Orion is capable and prepared to provide support at any or all of these stages, tailored to your needs.

Orion's Managing Partners’ experience and contacts throughout the U.S., Asia and Europe are of great value to its clients, whether the inventor desires to license his/her patent or build a business.

If licensing your idea is the right path for you, our industrial contacts, credibility, and business development skills are important assets to help you find the right home for your idea and enter into a win-win relationship with your partner.  Orion has many years of in-depth experience and a world-wide network of technical, business and marketing contacts, and business development experience in the following industries: fuels (development, distribution and marketing), petrochemical, alternative energy, second generation bio-fuels, hydrogen, catalysts, active carbon, molecular filtration, steel and aluminum processing.

If beginning as a start-up and building a business is the best journey for you and your idea, Orion has vast experience to help you take your patented bench scale ideas and develop a commercial product or process to compete in the market place.  We have considerable experience in creating strategies, market assessments, business planning, product and process development, capital estimates, and economic analyses.  In addition, we have the experience and contacts to help you attract investors, other forms of financing, and to tap the human resources right for your business as it develops.

Orion can help you gain access to a laboratory and assist you to further refine your product and related processes via our affiliation with Mega-Carbon, or support you to find your own, proprietary lab functionality. 

Orion will continue to provide you with ongoing business support which is the heritage of our firm's 11 year legacy. This legacy includes experience with new market entry, developing complementary products and services, forming partnerships and alliances, and continuous improvement efforts to be sure your asset and cost structure is exactly right for you every step of the way.