The economies of the developed world are increasingly knowledge-based and are using this knowledge to re-invent themselves at a fast pace. Development and marketing of intellectual property is critical to the continued success of the re-invention process. Orion Consulting Group brings a unique blend of technical, marketing and business skills to assist clients in participating and benefiting in this rapidly developing IP environment.

These skills span the spectrum of Orion’s unique Commercialization Milestone Guide © which provides a road map to navigate from idea generation to reaching the market. 

Orion’s skills and hands on experience include:

  • Idea generation leading to numerous patents in the petroleum, alternative energy and active carbon industries.
  • Patent licensing.   
  • The design, construction and operation of numerous pilot operations to convert feed streams to final products.
  • Conceptual commercial process design and economics.  
  • Marketing research and analysis for new products. 
  • Product testing.
  • Development of market entry strategies.   
  • Development of business plans. 
  • Strategic partnership development.
  • Brand creation.
  • Project financing and venture capital development. 
  • Corporate structure and management team development.             

Some examples of the application of these skills are illustrated in the Success Stories page of this web site.  Orion’s experience lies in process, product and business development, mainly in petroleum, alternative energy, bio-fuels, hydrogen, petrochemicals, activated carbon, and aluminum and steel processing.  

Our experience also spans the globe, from Turkey in the Middle East, throughout Europe and North America, to China.